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Certified Menopause Support Coach and Licensed Workplace Trainer

Empowering women through menopause and beyond.

Certified Menopause Support Coach and Licensed Workplace Trainer

Empowering women through menopause and beyond.

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My name is Dana and I am a Certified Menopause Support Coach and Licensed Workplace Trainer, empowering women through the menopause and into a happy and healthy future so you can start living the life you deserve.

 I guide, inform, educate and support women through their personal menopause journey, and help organisations attract and retain women talent through training of both managers and colleagues.Are you approaching menopause? Or struggling with its impact? I replace fear with knowledge, anger with curiosity and compassion, and can help to move you towards your wellness goals. Coaching with me will help you work out where you are with your wellbeing now, where you would like to be in the future, and how to achieve it via lifestyle changes and mind and body techniques.

I’m here to make it easy for you to get everyone – colleagues, family, friends and GP – talking about the menopause and making a positive impact. Everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilled life. With the right support, you will emerge from this stage in your life stronger and wiser. It’s not just about managing symptoms, it’s about embracing the incredible potential for growth, self-discovery and renewed vitality that midlife brings.

Let’s thrive together!


Menopause in the Workplace Training in the UK

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Access Bars®

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Through the provision of tried, tested and trusted CPD-accredited training materials, I will work with your organisation’s colleagues and leaders to help change hearts and minds around menopause.

Culture of inclusivity is an environment where nobody feels they have to hide anything. Menopause awareness training and ongoing support group is the key part of D&I policy.

Understanding menopause is important for everyone – men and women -whether they are experiencing it themselves or providing support for a fellow colleague, family member or friend.

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What is coaching?

A series of conversations in which the client is facilitated in finding their own answers, overcoming their own obstacles and achieving their goals. A coach facilitates the client in identifying a clear goal, where they are now, plan how to achieve a goal, overcome any mindset obstacles that may be holding them back and identifying any external resources needed.

Careful listening, challenging questions, developing options, compassion, agenda less, safety and empowerment are qualities of modern menopause coach.

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access bars treatment edinburgh


An opportunity for you to let go of everything not allowing you to enjoy life! This gentle, non‐invasive technique works on releasing both physical and mental blocks stored in the body and helps facilitate greater ease in all different areas of life.

A session of Access Bars® can help with the following:

access bars treatment edinburgh


It is stage in every woman life when sexual hormones start to decline, and periods stop. It starts with perimenopause and ends with post menopause. In perimenopause you start experience symptoms and it may last up to 15 years before periods finally stop. Menopause is just 1 day after no monthly bleeding for 12 months. After this you are in post menopause.
The average age of the menopause for UK women is 51, but genetics, underlying medical conditions and treatment for cancer can mean that you go through it at an earlier age. Or later in your 60.
As soon as you have symptoms, physical (hot flashes, night sweats, skin itchiness, tiredness, joint pain) or psychological (low mood, anxiety, brain fog, tearfulness) and they are affecting your everyday life and work.



A.C. Regulatory Manager
If you are looking for support when everything changes Dana is the person to go. She has got thorough understanding about the topic and she is very comforting. Without hesitation she is sharing her knowledge when needed and she does research herself if she thinks that she needs more information. You can trust her that she will be there for you throughout the whole experience. I can’t recommend her enough.
A.S. Scientist
Dana is very empathetic and makes you feel well about the transition in your life and changes that come along during perimenopausal period. I felt reassured that this phase of my life can be managed to a level where I can feel like I have a control over my body.


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